Esther Lim, Shaman

Esther Lim, Shaman medicine woman

Esther Lim

Medicine Woman, Dr Chinese Medicine, Massage.

Esther is a Medicine Woman; an earth keeper, initiated in Peru with the Inka Shamans and trained with The Four Winds Society. She practices and teaches in the UK , USA and Europe. She now lives in Italy and is also a Yoga teacher, Dr of Chinese Medicine and Iridology/Massage. Esther is also an Acupuncturist.


Saturday 28th

Earth Medicine with Pachamama & embracing our Shakti

Fire Ceremony at Moon Henge

Sunday 29th

Working with Father Sun/Grandmother Moon & emerging with Shiva

Esther is from Malaysia, and when she reached her first full moon, a shaman gave her the name; Wai Lin. It means; Sunbeam Through the Forest. When her brother died, she was seven years old. Their closeness created a bond. This was the beginning of a simple, uncomplicated relationship with Spirit. It was later complicated by the family priest, in the form of a short exorcism. Esther recognised this as an extraction. However she continued seeing Spirits, but decided to keep it secret! Years later, when Esther was doing her yoga teacher training, she came across a doctor of Psychology and Spiritual studies, who took her under her wing, and taught her the art of journeying and past life regression. She went on to regression work and healing journeys.

That same year Esther was studying for her doctorate in Chinese medicine. At one of her conferences, she met Dr. Alberto Villorto, who is an anthropologist and Shaman teacher. He had appeared in her dreams many times. Two years later, she was initiated by the Forest Shamans and the Mountain Shamans in Peru, who are descendants of the ancient Medicine men and women of the Andes, they are known as the Laikas. They could only speak Quechua and Spanish. So Esther studied spanish and went to the jungle! There she received the nine rites called the Munay-Ki, and her full medicine bag known as a mesa with her kuyus (stones).

As earth keepers, Shamans work close to nature and its elements. They are aware of opening and closing sacred space, our Mother Earth called Pachamama, our father Sun/Grandmother Moon, the ancient ones, the animal archetypes of the four directions and our Mythic Maps. Shamans believe in Destiny and not Fate. Their work include Soul Retrieval, Illuminations, Extractions, Fire Ceremonies, Healing and Soul Contracts.

Esther is multilingual, speaking English, Chinese, Spanish, Swiss French and Italian. She lives and works mainly in beautiful Tuscany and runs retreats there, in Spain, Bali and Madagascar.

Esther’s energy is infectious and when she’s not teaching, she loves oil painting.

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