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Sandra Heider Forrest Yoga Guardian and owner of equilibrium yoga centre peterborough

Sandra Heider, Forrest Yoga Guardian

Sandra Heider (The Big Web) Forrest Yoga Guardian, Body Psychotherapist in training Sandra is a Forrest Yoga Guardian and the founder of …

Jambo Truong Forrest Yoga Teacher at the Big Web Weekend A forrest yoga conference

Jambo Truong, Forrest Yoga Teacher

Jambo Truong (The Big Web) Forrest Yoga Guardian in Training, Consultant of Complementary Medicine, Shaman Jambo has over 10 years’ experience as …

Katie Boyle Forrest Yoga Teacher and presenter at The Big Web Yoga Weekend

Katie Boyle, Forrest Yoga Teacher

Katie Boyle Forrest Yoga Teacher , Learning Consultant, Coach, Facilitator, Accreditied Discovery & Deeper Discovery Practitioner Katie’s personal mission is to live, love …

Rosalind Southward Certified Forrest Yoga teacher

Rosalind Southward, Forrest Yoga Teacher

Rosalind Southward Certified Forrest Yoga Teacher, UK, Writer & Jewellery Designer Rosalind Southward found yoga after many years of intensive training — in rowing …